Give a man an apple and you feed him for a day;
teach a man to grow a food forest and you feed him and his children forever.”

Food Forest Tips

Anyone with a patch of land can grow a food forest!
If you have decided your backyard is suitable for a permanent food forest, it’s time to start observing, planning, designing and installing your plants.
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Food Forest Course

A food forest can seem like a very complicated system, especially a hot, dry mediterranean food forest.
Especially when you can hardly find any experience-based education for this climate.
In this Mediterranean Food Forest online course you will learn how to turn your backyard into a beautiful, edible, sustainable, abundant food forest.

Food Forest

Come along on the fully guided food forest tour!
Our Tenerife food forest is still young but we are growing here over one hundred different edibles already!
This Food Forest Experience is all about showing what is possible, what grows in our dry, hot, mediterranean climate and how easy it is to grow healthy food!

Food Forest

If you are in the Canary Islands and ready to learn how to plan, design and create your own beautiful, edible, sustainable food forest - through hands-on experience and with the support of like-minded food forest enthusiasts...
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Let's Bring Your Vision Into Life

Before you can begin the process of designing your ideal food forest, you need to become crystal clear about your vision, your wishes and the purpose of your edible garden forest.