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Give a man an apple and you feed him for a day;
teach a man to grow a food forest and you feed him and his children forever.”

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Anyone with a patch of land can grow a food forest! If you have decided your backyard is suitable for a permanent food forest, it’s time to start observing, planning, designing and installing your plants. Join for FREE to get your weekly food forest tips

How to Use Fig Leaves

In our mediterranean food forest we grow several fig trees. We love eating figs, but did you know that you can actually use the fig leaves too? Fig leaves are edible, tasty, nutritious and medicinal.

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Mediterranean Edible Flowers

It’s not just restaurant chefs who can use flowers in cooking. You’d be surprised at how many edible flowers you can find in your own garden. Those are the main mediterranean edible flowers in our food forest...

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Mediterranean Perennial Vegetables

Although most vegetables are annual, did you know that many wonderful vegetable plants are perennial? Those are the main mediterranean perennial vegetables we grow in our forest garden...

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Mediterranean Bee Plants

In our Tenerife (Canary Islands) mediterranean food forest, most of our fruit trees and vegetables need pollinators. And pollinators need flowers most months of the year. Those are the main mediterranean bee plants in our forest garden...

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Let's Bring Your Vision Into Life

Before you can begin the process of designing your ideal food forest, you need to become crystal clear about your vision, your wishes and the purpose of your edible garden forest.

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