About Me

My name is Nisandeh Neta and I am here to help


creating food forests and edible gardens. It combines my two favorite things - making beautiful gardens while providing sustainable food supply for generations to come.


to partner with you in transforming your landscape into a beautiful, food producing, low maintenance and sustainable food forest.
Your own Garden of Eden.


that each food forest we plant will become part of a growing network - providing food, sustainability, biodiversity and abundance around the world.

You Don't Need to Do it Alone!

I love the opportunity to serve food forest heroes who dream big, and start small…


I help homeowners (or land renters) transform their land or garden in hot & dry, mediterranean climate into a beautiful, edible, sustainable, tailored food forest.

I believe that you are the guardian of your piece of land, and by following a few simple steps you can help preserve this planet while creating a happy, healthy, abundant and sustainable life for yourself, your family and the next generations.


I’ve been fascinated by plants, trees, ecosystems and the environment for almost 50 years.
I transformed my own half an hectare (1.25 acres) of the most desolated, high altitude mountainside land within 5 years into a lush, abundant, fruit and vegetable producing food forest.
I’ve made almost every possible mistake along the way, and now I’m sharing my knowledge and experience with anyone who gets excited about growing their own food, live a sustainable lifestyle, and be a positive change in the world...


I believe that we need to take responsibility for our own health, well being, abundance and those of our planet
As 20 million “Victory Gardens” in the USA produced 40% of the country’s vegetables during World War II, I believe that food forests are a powerful answer to the environmental, health, societal and economic crises we’re facing.
My personal mission is to transform every hot & dry mediterranean garden into a lush, abundant, sustainable food forest.
Your garden can be next!

Let's Bring Your Vision Into Life...

Before you can begin the process of designing your ideal food forest, you need to become crystal clear about your vision, your wishes and the purpose of your edible garden forest.

Let's walk your land together...

You will learn a lot when we walk through your landscape together. 
You will see things you never noticed before. 
No matter what size, shape, or condition your property is in, you will discover its greater potential as an intentionally biodiverse, living landscape. 

I will address all your wishes, concerns, and questions until you will feel hopeful and inspired, and come away with a clear view of how we can transform your space together – into a beautiful, edible, sustainable mediterranean food forest.

After our visit you will be well on your way to making the first steps to creating your own food forest Garden of Eden